The 15,000


Outside the SIR office in Tubmanburg, Liberia sits a little, somewhat funny looking man. He is waiting to see me. I know him. He comes up to my shoulder level, wears mostly bright orange trousers with a multi color shirt and is as scrawny as a country chicken. This is the principal of Kamanda Town Community School. Probably the most polite man I have ever met since he seems to bow to me every time we shake hands.

And we have been shaking hands on a regular basis, almost monthly. Kamanda Town Community School is a little village school that has put in a request for Mary’s Meals almost a year ago. And since the letter arrived the principal of the school has been checking up on the progress. Once a month he comes to inquire. And he has been patient!

But as of this month the amount of children receiving Mary’s Meals in Liberia is going from 10,000 to 15,000! And Kamanda Town Community school is one of the lucky schools included in this wonderful extension. At the SIR office we were all overjoyed when the good news was received that Mary’s Meals in Liberia can grow once again. We danced that day!

The schools in Liberia are so needy, the children in the streets, not going to school, are so many. Just looking out of my office window I can see them hanging around on the streets, selling cold water or cookies from buckets on their heads. Wearing the scruffiest clothes you have ever seen and often even without flip flops.

So I want to thank the many, many, many supporters and volunteers of Mary’s Meals for making this possible. On behalf of Kamanda Town and all the other schools that will be included in feeding the 15,000 we say: THANK YOU. It is through your work and support that Mary’s Meals is growing. Not only in Liberia but world wide. And we are the lucky ones that get to go out to the schools to bring them the good news.

And you should see the happy faces. It touches my heart every time to see the happiness on the school teachers and students faces. They know that from now on every school day is an eating day. That is a guarantee. I have the best job in the world!


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